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Read the testimonials and see what Conscientious Carpet Care customers had to say about us.

“Super Job! Carpet is cleaner than ever before … like new! Better job than two other companies I have used. People were very nice and professional”.  Denise C., Williamsburg

“I rented a house where the previous tenants had lived for approximately 6 1/2 years. During this time they had several dogs, needless to say the carpets were a mess. I felt that they needed replacement. Conscientious Carpet Care cleaned the carpets before we moved in and I was very impressed with the results. I have used other companies in the past but they seemed to only surface clean, and spots would come right back, I have also rented machines and tried to.be a do it yourselfer, but nothing has ever done the deep down cleaning that Conscientious Carpet Care has done. The light blue carpet in this house is still there two tenants later, and still looks clean and fresh. I now use Conscientious Carpet Care in my new home and l-couldn ‘t ask for better service but most of all my carpets are clean and I don’t have the worry of spots that keep coming back”.  Patricia G., Williamsburg

“I’ve had the carpets cleaned approximately 20 times over the last 10 years, by three different companies. Never have they been cleaner. I’ll be calling in about six months to have it done again, and I want the same two ladies. They are terrific”.
Katie M., Williamsburg

“Your team did an excellent job on our carpets and upholstery.  We are really enjoying the results…thank you”!  Roseanne B., Williamsburg

“Thank you for the rush job!  I will refer people to you if given the chance”.  Leslie M., Williamsburg

“You have nice, friendly employees that care about their work and do a great job in a good amount of time.”  Maria Y., Williamsburg

“Your girls were fantastic.  Always on time, hard workers.  They are very helpful with suggestions.  Congrats on having employees that serve and represent Conscientious Carpet Care so well”.  Nancy W., Williamsburg

“It was an absolute pleasure.  Your team did a great job and I believe your services were fairly priced”.  Karen R., Williamsburg