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Did You Know?

  • If floors and furnishings are neglected, the finish can wear through causing loss of stain and/or color and damage to the actual wood. This will require extensive restoration including complete sanding, staining and refinishing. This process is expensive, time consuming and inconvenient. It may even require you to move out of your home during the process.
  • Engineered wood floors can accept only two or three of the treatments described above over a lifetime. The wood veneer can be sanded away and the floors will need to be replaced. It pays to maintain your floors.
  • The Hydro-Force Preservation System is completely Dust-Free. You will not be cleaning up our dust months later as is the case with the sanding process. We remove soil from your home, not add to it.
  • Our Preservation and Refinishing System is odorless, non-toxic and dries to the touch in about an hour. You can walk on the floor in your socks at that time. Furniture may be moved back in 24 hours and rugs after 48 hours. Your regular foot traffic can resume after 24 hours.

Hardwood Floor Care

As recommended by the National Wood Floor Association

  • Use dirt-trapping walk-off mats at all exterior doors.
  • Strong sunlight can cause fading of wood and wood stain. To avoid uneven appearance, move area rugs occasionally and drape or shade large windows to avoid direct sunlight on the wood.
  • Apply fabric-faced glides to the legs of your furniture.
  • Vacuum or dust your wood.
  • Wipe up food and other spills immediately with a damp (not wet) cloth. Standing moisture can damage poorly finished floors.
  • Avoid soaps and oils. They can build up and create problems. For cleaning, use cleaners that are specifically formulated for wood floors like Hydro-Force Wood Fresh Hardwood Floor Cleaner.

Can Hardwoods Last Forever?

Forever may be a little longer than we can comprehend, but your hardwood floors can last multiple generations when they are properly maintained and preserved. Our Hydro-Force™ Hardwood Cleaning and Preservation System can do just that.

Safe, Quick, and Dust Free

Using our unique system, we will deep clean your floor and apply a preservation finish that will maintain the integrity and protect your original finish. This process removes soil and grit that is impossible to remove with products available to the homeowner. Your floor will be renewed and ready for use in a matter of hours with no messy sanding and the inconvenience that goes along with it.

The Choice is Yours

Our Preservation Finish comes in either Gloss or Satin. Most original finishes are satin and we recommend you stay with the satin as it is less likely to show scuffs and micro scratches as it wears. However, if you like more gloss we are happy to accommodate.

What to Expect?

  1. Deep clean and prep your current floor finish to receive a new preservation finish. We use a professional high speed rotating brush machine to lay down a specialty cleaner, agitate it and then bring it directly back up with squeegees and a vacuum. This leaves the floor dry.
  2. Rinse and neutralize to bring up any remaining residue. This is accomplished with our unique Wood Fresh™ Hardwood Cleaner. The floor is now squeaky clean and ready for the next step.
  3. To refinish your floor, we will use an application of either Gloss or Satin Preservation finish. This finish will be your “wear” finish, applied to protect the original finish and keep your floors in great shape for generations to come. This finish is a modified factory finish designed to bind to original urethane, and aluminum oxide based coatings. A thin but durable preservation coating is applied. Depending on traffic and use, this process can be repeated every year or two to keep your floors beautiful. It will not yellow or change the color of your original floor.

Will it Remove Scratches and Dents?

Our system does not remove any of the intact, original finish or wood. With a sanding or screening process, where the finish is removed along with some of the surface of the wood, the scratches and dents will be removed, but this is a messy, time consuming and expensive process.
Our system will greatly improve the look of your floor. Most micro scratches that dull your floor will be filled and disappear. Heavier scratches are coated over, but may still be visible. Dents in the wood remain but may also be less visible. Thousands of customers are enjoying the beauty of their hardwood floor again through application of the preservation system. We are sure you will love the results!


Our job is to bring back the brilliance of your hardwood floor, not create hassle for our customers. Please make sure the floor is vacuumed, swept, or dust mopped. Light furniture and any breakables need to be moved out of the work area. With your input we can decide what needs to be moved from the floor and what can be worked around.